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OK, I just can't believe it!!
I can draw on me laptop again!!
As you have seen..
And I finally PAINT TOOL SAI!! but the full version c:
Someone give's me the download link!!
Am really in the clouds with happynes!! Yeyeyeyeyeyey.


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Hello, Im Nina and Swiftsty. :3 !!
I hope you enjoy here!!! c:

Swift sty: What e-e. Uhhm, well guys. Im really happy that you look to us! But, You dont know how I am now? Im just.. SWIFT STY POWER!! ouo.
Nina: What? Oh my gosh. o-o
Swift sty: DONT LOOK AT MEEEHHH ;____;
Nina: DDDDD: ...
Nightmare: Wauw.. Fuck this cats?

Swift sty info.

Name: Swift sty

Age: 2 years

Gender: Shemale, (a man with a different gender.)

Clan/Tribe: He's was leader of the tribe of dying shadows.

Rank: -

Relationship: Adderkit was his love but she's death with a monster. / Taken by Furret

Character: Swift sty is a cat with full of love. He is always ready for other cats, as something to be done with his friends he comes into action!! Reading, he has an evil side attack.. but that is by what happens is with his old love of Adderkit. But he is also very positive and very sweet. But he is also trying to resolve arguments!!

He likes: Friends, Friendschip, are together, fish, Adventure, Donut, dislodge, protect, Mean cats laughing, playing.

He dislike: Mean cats, betrayal, lying, feud, have done Something wrong, sadness, lose something


Swift sty's new look by xXInsaneNinaXx

Nina info.

Name: Nina

Age: 14 years

Gender: Girl

Relationship: Taken by Raynathan

Where I fan from: Warrior cats, Monstercat, MLP, Creepypasta, Bedfellows, Pokemon, OwnlyZippTfm (from youtube), Linkin park.

She like this animals : Cats, Dogs, Narwhal, Fox, Wolf, Black Panther, Dinosaurs, Dragon, Chimpanzee.

She likes this colors: Blue, black, grey, white, green, and green/blue mix.

Character: Nina is a shy type. She is always happy and never want to end up in the feud. Nina is very positive about things. If they don't feel like it, she is then angry/pfff thing. Nina has a large extent Internet life than real.. Nina is also no girls type.. They keep all of guys stuff! Her thing is definitely not make up'en or go shopping.. She does certainly not! Nina can also often be scared.. Nina is also very susceptible.. If there is something happening or I'm just 1 very than is Nina all the way down. But they try to keep up! Nina is also very very crazy like them by themselves! That they make weird sounds such as hiehehehe, for example! And they really like fun.

She likes: Raynathan, Evil things, Friends, BFFS, Blood, scary things, family, signs, happiness, honesty, love, Donut, Buddys, Stuffed animals, Hugs.

She dislike: Girls things, quarrel, lying, difficulties, if anyone what does the second time and that I already know, alone (I love of Reading), bored, Miss Friends, sometimes pain, mosquito, sweating, finicky little people, Princes things, Loombands, pink.


Nina, NEW real look refrence!! by xXInsaneNinaXx

Nightmare power!

NEW CHARACTER NIGHTMARE by xXInsaneNinaXx :GA: xXInsaneNinaxX by poseypie


Warrior Cats Fan Button by ButtonsMaker
MonsterCat Fan Button by ButtonsMaker
Sonic Archie Comics Button (UPDATED) by ButtonsMaker
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TwiDash Fan by SweetsBunny
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Swift Sty journal doll for xXinsaneninaXx by JoJoNeon Party Hard MonsterCat by Celtic-PREDATOR shinx journal doll by SpreadingRed

Meep >:3

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